About DC Riggott

D.C. Riggott specializes in antique traditional church artifacts.  We have over 45 years of experience in the business and are dedicated to dealing with genuine items.  As a result, many items in our inventory are very rare and nearly impossible to find anywhere else. It is our mission to preserve the incredible ecclesiastical artifacts created in the past, for continued use in churches today.  The antique religious artifacts salvaged by D.C. Riggott have been placed in churches throughout the world.


We are constantly searching throughout the United States and Canada for unique collections of the finest antique church artifacts.  We purchase antique church stained glass windows, light fixtures, doors, woodwork, altars, railings, pulpits, fonts, pews, chairs, kneelers, statuary, Stations of the Cross, paintings, crucifixes, sanctuary lamps, candlesticks, chalices, ciboria, monstrances, tabernacles, and more.  Please contact us at sales@dcriggott.com if you have antique church artifacts to sell.  We can coordinate the removal, crating, and transportation for these items.


All antique church artifacts acquired by D.C. Riggott are made available for purchase.  Our inventory is constantly changing with the addition of new merchandise on a regular basis.  The merchandise available for purchase can be viewed online.  Since our entire inventory consists of antique items that have been previously used in churches, most items do have a patina and are not in “brand new” condition.   All merchandise is sold as is, and certain items may require some restoration.  We do provide some on-site restoration services.  Please contact us with any questions about merchandise or for shipping quotes.  


Our company respects the sacredness of the sacraments and rites performed by the church.  We believe liturgical items that were created for specific liturgical functions within the church are intended as vessels of the sacred elements, which is why these items are only available to clergy and churches.



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