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Antique Gilded Wood Capital Wall Sconce

Antique Gilded Wood Capital Wall Sconce
  • Sizecapital: 20"H x 25"W x 13.75"D; base: 19"W x 10"D; will cut height to size, up to 202"H
  • Quantity16
  • InventoryMSC-292B


Antique gilded wood capital wall sconces. Custom made from antique capitals from Mount De Chantal an 1856 Catholic girls school and convent, Wheeling, West Virginia. Fixture has two candlesockets on front and a spot light socket in back which shines up onto wall. Gilded wood has been sealed with polyurethane. Also available as a pilaster sconce fluted half column (See MSC-292A). Sections can be ordered up to 10 feet.