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With over 45 years of experience, D.C. Riggott, Inc. knows how to get churches and individuals top-dollar for their stained glass window sale, all while making the process as smooth and seamless as it possibly could be. Our strength is twofold: [1] we fully understand the current stained glass window market and [2] we use that knowledge in combination with our extensive network that we have built with church architects and designers world-wide. Contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning stained glass window sales.

Where can I sell my antique church stained glass windows?

Looking to sell your stained glass windows? With nearly half a century in the business, D.C. Riggott, Inc. has been a frontrunner when it comes to salvaging, restoring, and preserving sacred and historic stained glass windows. Churches, architects, and designers nation-wide, as well as world-wide, know and trust the name D.C. Riggott, Inc.. We have helped furnish hundreds, if not thousands, of churches ranging in location from our home-state of Minnesota all the way to Australia.

Isn’t the word “salvage” demeaning of antique church stained glass windows and artifacts?

By definition, the term “salvage” is actually a quite beautiful way to describe such a wonderful process of rescue and restoration. Webster’s dictionary defines salvage as “the act of saving or rescuing property in danger”. Sometimes salvaged items are the most wonderful solely due to their rich history and story. Furthermore, based on Webster’s definition, some would even call God the “Great Salvager” of our lives.

What does D.C. Riggott, Inc. do with the stained glass windows that they salvage?

Our primary goal has been to rescue, restore, and repurpose religious stained glass windows from around the world that would have otherwise been destroyed, misused, or left to sit in crates for an unspecified period of time. Through D.C. Riggott, Inc.’s extensive network of connections, nationally and globally, a religious stained glass window will end up back in a church or chapel where it belongs 95% of the time. There are instances, however, where a particular window will end up in other locations such as a home chapel or even in a museum to be enjoyed and marveled at for decades to come, but that is the exception to the rule.

Is it a problem to sell my stained glass windows if they are still installed?

It’s not a problem at all. If your windows are still installed, we have extensive resources and experience to remove them for you. Our team has dealt with all sorts of unseemly window removals; from frail windows that literally fall apart in your hands… to overly-secure windows welded directly into a steel frame.

Contact us to discuss selling your stained glass windows further.

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Writing a Check

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