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Vintage Catholic Red Chasuble

Vintage Catholic Red Chasuble
  • Size42" from back of collar to bottom of hem.
  • Quantity1
  • InventoryVS-212


Red chasuble with red/gold galloon diamond and cross pattern with gold lining. Back of chasuble has Y shaped galloon with IHS medallion in red with gold background. Has some spots, may come out?

All of our vestments are vintage/older and so they may have wear and/or minor flaws. We attempt to point out obvious flaws or wear in our descriptions. In any case, please do not expect any of our vestments to be perfect, as if they were new. Since our vestments are used, we recommend that they be cleaned before use. Vestments may be purchased on an approval basis, and we will refund the full purchase price of the item if the buyer is not satisfied. Vestments must be shipped back to us within 10 days of receiving the item. The shipping charges are not refundable and the buyer is still responsible for the cost of shipping both ways.