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Vintage Raised Panel Doors

Vintage Raised Panel Doors
  • SizeVaries (see description)
  • Quantity14
  • InventoryD-102
  • Buy 6 for $365.00 each and save 18%
  • Buy 10 for $290.00 each and save 35%


Vintage raised paneled door. Includes brass hardware, knobs, plates and ball hinges. From a historical West Virginia church. Most likely made from pine with a dark stained finish. Pictured is one wide door and one narrow door. Please see sizes available below:

27.5"W x 89"H
27.5"W x 89.75"H (x2)
28"W x 89.5"H
28"W x 89.75"H
29.5"W x 80"H
31.5"W x 90"H
32"W x 80"H
32"W x 89"H (x2)
32"W x 89.5"H (x2)
32"W x 90"H
32"W x 90.5"H

**Does not include jams, headers, or trim.